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Scratchbox - December 08, 2021
Issued: 08:36hrs Wednesday 08th December 2021

Alexi: Still windy this morning but winds are continuing to ease as Storm Barra continues to fill. Outbreaks of rain pushing in across many areas.

Issued: 15:40hrs Tuesday 07th December 2021

Simon: Latest warnings for wind are here.

Issued: 16:45hrs Monday 06th December 2021

Simon: The calm before the storm tonight as clearer skies, lighter winds and a widespread frost set in. By day-break gales will be affecting Ireland and southwest England.

Issued: 12:20hrs Monday 06th December 2021

Simon: Latest thoughts for Storm Barn are winds in excess of 80mph Tuesday morning in Ireland, over 90mph overnight into Wednesday. Widespread 70mph+ England, Wales and Scotland although still much uncertainty.

Issued: 09:28hrs Monday 06th December 2021

Simon: Here's a map to be keeping an eye on over the next 48-hours. This is maximum wind gusts updated every 30-minutes.

Issued: 08:06hrs Monday 06th December 2021

Simon: Storm Barra is heading our way bringing a risk of severe gales to some places on Tuesday and Wednesday, the winds strong enough to cause some damage. There's still uncertainty over the highest risk areas.

Issued: 07:26hrs Monday 06th December 2021

Simon: A chilly start to the week as a band of rain passes eastwards. Brighter weather follows from the west and it will be rather breezy. Some showers over western coasts and hills, most persistent in western Scotland.

Issued: 16:02hrs Sunday 05th December 2021

Garry: Frost forming quickly this evening where skies are clear, mainly Scotland, northwest England & Wales. Then cloud builds and there will be rain and hill snow to greet Monday morning in the north and west, rain spilling eastwards through the day.

Issued: 13:10hrs Sunday 05th December 2021

Garry: Showery conditions continue this afternoon near eastern coasts of England. Cloudy for many with a little light rain in places. Sunshine best for southwest England & Wales, Ireland, central & western Scotland.

Issued: 08:59hrs Sunday 05th December 2021

Garry: Cloudy and damp across much of England this morning, some more persistent rain and hill snow in the northeast. Feeling chilly in brisk northerly winds. A few showers for west Wales. Mainly dry for Scotland and Ireland with some sunshine here.

Issued: 16:34hrs Saturday 04th December 2021

Alexi: A mix of rain sleep and snow will continue to push down across parts of England overnight tonight. Some coastal showers elsewhere but largely dry with clear skies particularly further west.

Issued: 12:45hrs Saturday 04th December 2021

Alexi: Rain, sleet and snow now clearing NW Scotland but pushing through the Central Belt currently. This afternoon expect the rain, sleet and snow to move more into northern England.

Issued: 08:53hrs Saturday 04th December 2021

Alexi: An area of low pressure wraps its way around Scotland into northern and central regions of England this morning brining a mix of ran, sleet and snow here. Meanwhile, rain clears south-eastern areas of England. Sunshine and showers elsewhere.