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Month ahead - December 04, 2021
Valid from 06/12 to 02/01 2022
Valid from 06/12 to 02/01 2022

Issued: Saturday 4th December 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

The higher pressure ridge looks to now not influence the country until later in this month when a largely dry spell will arrive. Meanwhile, expect mixed, to unsettled weather at times, next week into the following week.

*6/12/21 - 12/12/21*
A trough dominant across the country.
Mixed to at times unsettled weather.
Rain and strengthened winds.
Some frosty starts.
Fluctuating temperatures but overall cool.

*13/12/21 - 19/12/21*
High pressure builds in south and east.
Conditions settle in south and east.
Staying mixed further west.
Milder flow to start.
Cooler later in week.

*20/12/21 - 26/12/21*
A ridge dominant across the country.
Largely dry and settled.
Mist and fog likely for some.
Overnight frosts north and west more.
Cool to chilly temperatures.

*27/12/21 - 2/1/22*
High pressure remains dominant.
Largely dry and settled.
Mist and fog likely for many.
Overnight frosts expected for many expected.
Cool to chilly at times again. **ends**

Alexi Venerus
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